-Made from Genuine Pacific Northwest Pendleton® Wool.
-Size: 5”L x 3”W (Adjustable ball chain included). -Hang diffuser in your vehicle, closet or any small space.
-1 Tree Diffuser and 1 18ml dropper bottle of fragrance blend included.
-Each piece is unique and beautiful. No two are alike.
-Made in the USA



Fragrance Description-
Lavender: Relaxing and floral. Smells just like you’re walking through a lavender field.
Pine: A woodsy blend of Pacific Northwest Pine and sweet vanilla.
Woodlands: A warm blend of forest wood, white currant, fig.

Pendleton Wool Tree Diffuser Set

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Place 10-15 drops of fragrance on the wool diffuser. Let fragrance soak into to wool. Hang tree in desired location. 
    Wool is a natural wicking fiber so your scent will be diffused gently and safely. Add fragrance drops when needed. Enjoy!